Are you a cutting edge coach?

Does your organization get cutting edge results?

If not, FastTrack is for you. FastTrack trains participants in the professional coach's skill set with a Positive Psychology orientation.

FastTrack meets the needs of:

  • Individuals who want to become knowledgable, skillful credentialed coaches. 
  • Credentialed coaches who need to add a theoretical model, supported by research & science into their mix of skills, experience and intuition.
  • Leaders who need to increase engagement and bolster performance in their reports. 

The goals of the FastTrack program are:

  1. To teach the 11 Core Coaching Competencies of the International Coach Federation in a way that brings them to life.
  2. To offer 30 hours of practice coaching, providing many opportunities to coach, be coached, get feedback on your coaching & hear other participants coach.
  3. To learn Positive Psychology theory and interventions and be able to use this skillset in the coaching context.
  4. To experience personal growth & development as you learn to foster the growth & development of your clients

Head shot of Sue Sussman from the videoSee Sue's new video describing coaching and the importance of coach training.

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What Students are Saying...

"FastTrack Coaching put me on the "fast track" to my own growth. I registered as a means to an end - and walked away with new awareness, tools , connections with talented, interesting people ... the list goes on and on. I never took a teleclass before and thought it would feel impersonal and stilted. FastTrack weaves together relationship and teaching in a relaxed, fun way that makes it easy for me to recommend this class!!!" Sharon Dries

"Thanks for such expert and encouraging training. My daughter is taking her practicum in Art Education this semester and is student teaching. When I hear the contrast between the type of guidance she gets and the wonderful, clear, forthright, enjoyable guidance we receive I'm very grateful." Carol Baxter