Values:  Professionalism, Transparency, Connection, Excellence, Growth & Development, Personal Responsibility

Mission: FastTrack Coach Academy's mission is to train effective, professional, caring, inspirational, visionary executive, business and life coaches.

Vision:  FastTrack Coach Academy is a highly-respected coach training program that brings a positive psychology and a character coaching approach to its work. We train vibrant coaches to bring energy, enthusiasm and a positive approach to the work they do with their clients. Our coaches both support and challenge clients to step outside of their comfort zones into their courage zones. FastTrack coaches are change-agents who help clients find a good fit between the clients' strengths, interests and talents and the demands of the environment at work and at home.

Learning Philosophy: FastTrack Coach Academy supports "Character Coaching," the belief that every person is unique, bringing their own strengths, perspectives and growing edges to coach training and the world they interact with.  FastTrack encourages participants to craft their own coaching presence from myriad coaching tools, techniques, strategies and models we offer.  FastTrack knows that the most significant way participants learn to coach is by coaching - that good coaching rests on a lot more than theory - so practice coaching is part of every class, and each participant works with a study buddy.  Course facilitators are non-judgmental and encouraging, as participants learn coaching skills and may sometimes be transitioning from a consulting to a coaching framework. 

FastTrack Coach Academy provides a strong foundation for work as either/both an internal or external coach.  Something we've learned from our years of offering coaching training is that participants come to coaching training with the expectation of learning a lot about the professional coach's skill set, and they do.  They do not come with the expectation of learning a lot about themselves, and they do: FastTrack offers participants the opprortunity for deep professional and personal learning.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a foundational principle of FastTrack Coach Academy.  In practice what that means is a core commitment to an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all participants, where differences are respected and valued and where participants are trained to look for and be sensitive to client contexts like culture, socio-economic status, race, gender, age, etc. 

Topics explored include but are not limited to:
    *Stereotypical thinking & behavior
    *Increasing trust and safety

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