FastTrack to Business Success

  • Would you like to have a highly successful coaching business?
  • Are you looking for ways to multiply your current income in a short period of time?
  • Would you like to reach a far bigger client base?
  • Have you heard about the newest techniques in Social Selling, SEO, optimal web design, loyalty and digital marketing, but don't know how to make these work for your business?
...If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

We will cover the latest digital techniques and teach you how to make your business super-successful. Plus, this course offers much more than theory - we will spend time with each participant individually and help you customize what you learn and apply it to your business. Very soon, you too can have a rapidly growng and highly successful business. This course consists of 10 modules:

  1. Establishing your business
  2. Establishing your Brand and Key Differentiators
  3. Conducting a Competitive Analysis
  4. Introduction to the Digital Economy & Digital Marketing
  5. Establishing your Web Presence – effectively describe your brand, website design & SEO techniques
  6. Social Selling / Social Marketing – social networking & social selling techniques using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other tools
  7. Establishing your Social Presence – optimize your brand and maximize lead and revenue generation
  8. Using LinkedIn Analytics – stay ahead of the competition by having deep insights into prospective clients and your competition
  9. Essential Tools to manage your business – everything you need to get ahead and stay ahead
  10. Pulling It All Together

Class Format:

Work in community by attending a 2 hour class on each topic:

Each 2 hour group training session will be divided into two sections:

  • 1 hour: Theory – learning new content
  • 1 hour: Practical – application of learning, reviewing real-world scenarios

Each session will be highly interactive with participants providing input and contributing to the discussion


The next course begins on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm EST and goes for ten weeks.

Fee: $900 (special pilot pricing).

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Coaches who need skills to stay current with the latest techniques in digital and social marketing and online business
  • Coaches or coaching businesses needing to apply the latest business techniques.
  • Business leaders who have new a or existing coaching business and need to optimize business success
  • Business leaders who need to learn the latest techniques in digital marketing, social selling and how to effectively establish their coaching business
  • Individuals or companies who provide any type of business services (e.g. sales, web design, marketing, etc.)


Additional Bonus for Each Participant:  Individual 1-to1 Session with Your Trainer

All participants receive a 1:1 private session with the trainer to review and receive guidance on their business plan, business approach and sales / marketing plan.

Included in the course fee.

Optional additional 1:1 Sessions:

Additional 1:1 private consulting will be made available for participants who like having individual guidance. Our business gurus can offer you valuable advice and hands-on help in real time. Some participants find this individual help invaluable.

Fee: Invoiced per hour

Course Requirements:

  • Each participant should have the ability to connect to a conference call and on-line web session
  • Each participant should have access to Wi-Fi and internet during the sessions

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Certificates of Completion: Will be issued on completion of the course


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