• by Susan Sussman - Wed, 2011-01-12 14:51

Today I have an opportunity to test my patience and exercise my "purpose" muscle - a blue ribbon day! 

I've already shared my goal to write a Blog regularly, at least for 6 months.  Today I tried uploading a photo to the Blog for the first time.  It didn't work, and a quick call to the Web Master revealed that he had incorrectly programmed something and could fix the glitch in 5 minutes, which he did.

Then I tried uploading a photo again - I'll do it right now for you.  Here I am (second from the right) in October at my 48th High School reunion with some of my classmates.  

And what I think I discovered is that I can only upload one photo per Blog posting.  If that's true, it's disappointing because some of the Blogs I've been looking at are so inviting, at least in part because they have lots of graphics and photos.  So I'll have to get back to the Web Master again today to check that out.

I'm trying hard to remember that so many things come with a learning curve, that I actually really like coming up against a challenge, that I've mastered tough things before, and that if I remain true to my purpose, I'll succeed (to one degree or another).  Perhaps I'll have to find some other Blogging software - I don't know yet.  

For right now it's back to the "learning laboratory" for me!

What are you facing that tests your patience and purpose?  And how can the "learning lab" mindset be helpful to you?