• by Susan Sussman - Wed, 2018-07-18 12:13
Scena Webb, Ph.D. is a 21-year Navy veteran, a previous high-school teacher, a current federal employee, an author and educator but currently, and most importantly, a coach. She has held many leadership positions in a wide variety of contexts during her career, but the work she’s most proud of is coaching. 

Scena specializes in leadership coaching and has found that many people take leadership classes, learn leadership philosophies but don't have a safe place to practice the leadership techniques, strategies, models and tools they’re learning. That's where coaching comes in because it can be a hands-on, essential part of leadership development.

How do you use coaching in your work? 

As a coach, I have the awesome opportunity to be present with leaders as they navigate the many levels of their journey. Coaching offers a safe, supportive environment (kind of like a rehearsal studio) that encourages leaders to try on different leadership approaches until they find their own “good fit”. Through the use of collaborative coaching techniques,
I coach those I lead including peers and senior executives engaged in creating the vision for their organization.

How does coaching help you impact the world? 

I get to impact the world by providing a place to practice the skill of leadership. By helping others develop their own leadership style, I partner in the growth and development of skillful leaders. Learning about leadership is not the same as actually leading. New, mid-level, and executive level leaders all have one thing in common: they need a place to "find” their leadership quotient; and I do my best to create a safe, encouraging learning laboratory where clients can experiment with applying a variety of leadership principles as they develop their personal leadership style.

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