• by Susan Sussman - Fri, 2010-12-17 11:55

2011 is fast approaching. This is a time when people are apt to muse about new beginnings - and bring out the old well-worn question "What would it be like IF.......?"  So, what would it be like?

What's on your bucket list?  A "bucket list" is a list of goals really meaningful to the list's creator. And sometimes a bucket list is conceived of as things people want to do before they die.  Would you like to see new places, make new friends, learn new things; polish old skills or relationships; find new passions and opportunities; address old concerns; move from thought into action? 

We are now approaching another New Year and another opportunity to reinvent ourselves, rejuvenate ourselves, take some risks, step up, step out, and move away from the "business as usual" mode that unfortunately feels as comfortable to me as a favorite old shoe.

I'm going to challenge myself and you to create a bucket list, know what our goals are - at least for the coming year - and take some steps toward crossing things off our list.  One of the things on my bucket list for quite a while now has been to create (and maintain) a blog.  Here's posting #1.  Send good energy my way for making regular entries.  

And please know that I support your efforts too.  Together, we can be the charter members of the "Bucket List Mutual Admiration Society!"