Carrie Morris

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Practice Description

CARRIE MORRIS is an academic and career development coach, specializing in attentional processing and learning strategies training. In collaboration with parents, clinicians, and educators, Ms. Morris ensures her protocols both support and augment the assigned teams’ recommendations and that students reach their full potential. Formerly, Ms. Morris represented the Walt Disney Company and Marriott Int’l, among Fortune 500’s leading hospitality and leisure brands, in their search and acquisition of executive talent; disciplines she now incorporates into her career development coaching practice with college graduates and those in the midst of a career transition. Ms. Morris is also a freelance writer; her articles have appeared in the Washington Post’s Style section, Bethesda Magazine and More Magazine, among other local and national publications.
Serving students from the primary through post-secondary grades, Ms. Morris prides herself on identifying a range of academic and behavioral challenges, integrating aspects of direct (Cognitive) and indirect (Metacognitive) learning strategies to guide and inspire a more self-directed and flexible learner and thinker.