Irene Caniano

Photo of Irene Caniano, Life Skills Coach

Practice Description

AD/HD Coach and Transition Catalyst - Many emerging adults feel overwhelmed and stressed, but life doesn’t have to be so complicated for them. Coaching can help. I am the “The Essential 11 Skills Coach.” My background includes twenty years as an educator and training in both life coaching and executive functioning. Executive functioning relates to a person’s ability to manage time, attention, emotions and behavior. Some clients may choose to focus on one skill. Those with AD/HD may need to develop a number of skills. Through coaching, my clients become better decision makers, clearer communicators, and more self-reliant students and workers. The confidential sessions and mid week check-ins provide support and structure. Through the coaching partnership, desired change can be made more quickly and efficiently. The benefits are reflected in improved academic and work performance and in more satisfying personal relationships. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to call to ask a question or to discuss the “essential 11 skills”, which have been called the “predictors of success.”