Nicole Baikie

Nicole Chelsea Baikie

Practice Description

International Love and Relationship Coach spiritually guided to helping you  be a "Leader in Love"

This is a personal invitation for you to join me as we embark on the magnificent journey within, a journey of self discovery, growth and ultimately personal and relationship transformation. If you are single, you will permanently change the way you feel about yourself, who your ideal partner is, your feelings around dating and finding love and how your potential mates see you. If you are part of a couple in distress, you will permanently change the way you relate to each other in order to increase and maintain chemistry, highlight compatibility and strengthen commitment. You will find a positive way to accept and appreciate each other’s differences and learn the difference between solvable and unsolvable problems and how to deal with either. You will know if this is a partnership that is spiritually aligned with your purpose and learning. If you are part of a couple who is in alignment but wants to figure out “what’s next?” you will be given the tools to take your relationship to the next level and discovery the amazing creative potential of “two” and with it the responsibility of modeling love to your circle of influence, henceforth becoming “leaders in love”…